Reclaiming the Wilderland

The Thing in the Well

Deep within Mirkwood Forest, Autumn, Third Age of Men 2946

Our adventurers are almost out of Mirkwood but are still under the cover of the trees. They’re very tired since their sleep had been interrupted by a transforming Werewolf and they had to put some distance between them and the Hermit’s tree. The storm had passed and the sun had returned which made for a warm morning in the shadow of Mirkwood Forest.

The temperature began to rise unnaturally as the party continued down the path. A sense of sleepiness was creeping out of the ground and up their legs. Flies buzzed around their ears and nearby trickling rills sounded like a half-whispered lullaby. Elorian, Leneth, and Koibar felt so downhearted and worn out that the group decided to temporarily make camp.

As they slept, they dreamt that their wildest desires were very close by and they were overcome with a need to find them. Elorian woke first and he darted into the woods in search of great secrets that had been buried near the path undiscovered since the beginning of time. The rest of the party watched as he very willingly jumped into a pit.

These woods were once inhabited by men (Redd’s ancestors) and the trees still remember the bite of the axe. The trees had made a deal with something foul to keep men out of their wood.

Upon rushing to the pit which Elorian had jumped into, the party saw in horror that he was being suffocated by root-like tentacles. A long battle took place and the party suffered many wounds. Leneth, Koibar and Belgo also attempted to jump into the well but Nîth and Redd were able to stop them.

A few short days later, the party emerged into the Vale of the Anduin where they traveled south with Baldor to the Woodland Hall.



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