Reclaiming the Wilderland


Autumn, Third Age of Men 2946

Esgaroth, the town on Long-lake, is a likely place for travelers and adventurers to meet. It’s been five years since Smaug the dragon fell on old Lake-town and the battle of five armies took place at the foot of Erebor. Lake-town has been rebuilt and is reestablishing itself as a center of commerce in the Wilderland.

Koibar, a Dwarven Treasure Hunter, having just caught a freshwater flounder near old Lake-town was interrupted by a young boy running through the rushes screaming and crying. Nîth, an Elf of King Thranduil’s Halls, and Redd, a wandering Woodsman, overheard the commotion and followed to investigate. “Help! My fathers’ guards they’re going to kill him! Help!!!” , cried the boy before running back down the overgrown path.

Elorian, an Elvish Scholar of Mirkwood(?) reading high up in a tree, saw Koibar and the boy run past him and followed but kept his distance.

When the adventurers arrived at the scene they found three thugs surrounding an elderly man. The old man was swinging a branch wildly in an attempt to defend himself. The thugs noticed Koibar, Nîth, and Redd show up and the leader among them shouted, “Get back! We’re only trying to take what is due us. You only have to turn your back for a minute and it’ll all be over. We’ll give you a share!”.

Redd was able to scare them off with some fancy spear-work. The old man, Baldor, is a merchant of Lake-town and had intended to have these thugs escort him through Mirkwood forest to the Woodland Hall. He invited the party to take their place and their reward for the help. His son Belgo, a lad of 10, is accompanying him on his journey.

Baldor led the group down a well beaten forest path along the river where they met with his green-cloaked Elvish friends who would take them to the Elvenking’s Halls.

From the Halls of the Elvenking, the party made their way into Mirkwood Forest where they were beset by spiders, werewolf tracks and the like.

They came upon a clearing late in their journey, one of King Thranduil’s open air feasting halls, and decided to camp there for the night. Baldor awoke thirsty during Redd‘s watch and drank from a stream that curled around the edge of the clearing. He instantly lost five years of his memories and believed he was back in Lake-Town where Smaug’s flame was consuming his home. The party attempted to calm him but he bolted for the forest and found his way into an Attercop nest!



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