Reclaiming the Wilderland

The Attercop Nest

Deep within Mirkwood Forest, Autumn, Third Age of Men 2946

The ruined tower where Baldor was being held captive (likely to be eaten shortly thereafter) rose thirty feet into the sky and was coupled with a crumbling wall of the same height. Spider webs covered the wall and tower. The web formed a bridge between the keep and wall. A circular stairway on the exterior of the tower circled to the top.

Baldor thumped against the wall, completely wrapped in webs.

Elorian scaled a tree across from the tower while Nîth climbed the ruined keep wall. Koibar and Redd took the stairs and found that the keep was home to many Attercops. A long battle ensued in which Redd was paralyzed (he wet himself) but in the end the spiders were destroyed and Baldor was saved.

Nîth returned the clearing to get young Belgo who had stayed behind with the ponies. Baldor came to his senses but was too troubled to comfort his son.

Several weapons in okay condition were recovered from the keep along with an amulet.



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